Citizen Experience

Citizen Experience

Citizen Experience

Creating a digital government that proactively delivers on citizens’ wants and needs is more than an addition or swap out of the current technology stack. It involves a well-planned strategy from a deep understanding of agency mission, processes and available resources.     

Organizations must understand their customers, their journeys and experiences, and then apply the right technology, processes, and systems to engineer positive outcomes that are effortless and personalized. All of this must be completed with an eye toward well-defined goals and objectives.

We help our customers understand how and why citizens are connecting and design programs that respond to their needs. We use data, feedback, and customer research to help prioritize areas needing attention. Whether contact is made through email, phone, social media, text, or in-person, we make sure that citizens have a consistent and efficient interaction with their governments.

Why Clients Choose Us

Maturity Assessment

HighPoint helps organizations understand their CX maturity level and works with government agencies to continue to improve the citizen experience.

Journey Mapping

HighPoint helps organizations visualize customer experiences through a number of tools that allow participants to walk in the shoes of their citizens. Our process captures the actions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of citizens and identifies where current processes are not working for or responding to those needs.

Voice of the Customer

HighPoint delivers tools to enable agencies to have an ongoing pulse of the citizens they serve. We establish tools to capture customer perceptions including interviews, customer activity, focus groups, user centered research and surveys.  


Our team designs workshops around employee experience and engagement, organizational change management, and developing the customer strategy. Each session is tailored to the needs of the agency and its learners.

Proven Results

Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction metrics for Medicare beneficiaries year over year.

Improved customer satisfaction scores for Affordable Care Act (ACA) consumers from 89 percent to 93 percent.

Citizen Satisfaction

Improved ACA contact center citizen satisfaction related to tax issues from 78 percent to 84 percent during initial year of implementation.

Tools and Training

Helped National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Human Resources take charge of internal CX training with introduction of CX tools including journey mapping, empathy mapping, and metric measurement, and held “train the trainer” sessions.

Staffing Model

Helped develop an effective staffing model for Customs and Border Protection Officers.

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